The Importance Of Poodle Puppy Play

Although it is important you begin basic training such as housebreaking your poodle puppy when you bring him/her home for the first time, it is also imperative that you remember playing is an important part of your puppy’s social development.

Playing games with your dog is more than a fun time; it also allows both you and your pup the chance to discover characteristics about each other. Investing in quality play time with your pup is how you and your family can develop an intimate relationship with your dog. Furthermore, encouraging playtime with friends, close relatives and other canines also helps to socialize your dog and make him/her comfortable with others.

Play time with your poodle puppy has many benefits including:

  • Encourages positive socialization
  • Calms fears that may stem from specific experiences
  • Develops trust – trust that can make training an easier process
  • Develops a deep bond
  • Encourages positive behaviors as your pup will be encouraged to please you
  • Provides him/her with exercise and releases pent up energy
  • Makes an overall healthy and happy dog

Another positive aspect about playtime is that it satisfies your poodle’s natural desire to work or hunt. Instead of taking them on long walks (which most puppies can’t tolerate anyhow), engage in plenty of playtime to provide your dog with mental stimulation and physical activity. Don’t forget, puppies can become bored easily, play time keeps life interesting.

Nevertheless, just as it is important to play with your poodle puppy, it is also vital that you know when not to play with him/her. Playing with your dog when or after he/she misbehaves is only encouraging him/her to continue the behaviors you deem unacceptable. Remember, you want to reinforce positive behavior not the negative. Thus, playtime can be used as an effective disciplining tool. For instance, if your dog misbehaves before or during regular playtime, simply stop playing and ignore him/her so that he/she gets the message that they did something wrong.

Playing with your poodle puppy is how you form a strong bond that will last for a lifetime. Best of all, forming this bond is a lot of fun and creates plenty of happy memories for you to cherish.

All About Toy Poodles

Like its larger cousins, the toy poodle – a version of the breed reaching only 10 inches – is an intelligent, elegant, and appealing dog, with a distinct wooly coat. The toy poodle is extremely attractive with its long, wide, flat ears that lay down close to its head, and its wide, happy, alert almond-shaped eyes. The breed maintains the webbed, arched toes, which are good for swimming, though the feet are quite small in relation to its body.

There are three primary grooming styles that are used for the toy poodle. The first is the “pet clip” also referred to as the “puppy clip”, which leaves the hair short throughout the body of the animal.

The second style is the “English saddle” clip, which clips the throat and face, as well as the feet and forelegs, and the base of the tail (not the end, where a puff shaped like a pompom is shaped). Puffs remain in the center of the shaved forelegs. The hind end of the English saddle clip allows for a short even coat except for two bands shaved into the hind legs and an area clipped from each flank. The feet should be clearly visible below the puffs on the legs. The rest of the body’s coat is left “naturally”, but it can be clipped into shapes for a balanced overall appearance.

The third style is the “Continental” clip, which shaves the entire rear half of the dog, leaving only thin fur bracelets around the dog’s hind ankles, and pompoms on its tail and even on its hips.

The gait of the toy poodle is light and springy to go with its buoyant personality. It is a very sensitive dog, and is startlingly intelligent. They are among the most trainable breeds, even though many owners of toy dogs don’t give as much attention to training as their larger sized counterparts. They are quite demanding for attention and play time, but they are delightful and happy overall.

Toy poodles can be quite reserved with strangers, so they should be socialized form an early age as much as is possible. This trait does, however, make them particularly good watch dogs, as they are always watching out for the ones they love, while they can be suspicious of every other person who approaches.

It is not uncommon for a toy poodle to be timid and rather high strung, so owners need to make an effort to teach then not to snap when they are startled or teased. A toy poodle is therefore a great dog for families with older children who understand how to be considerate of dogs, or simply no children at all.